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 The real yoga is what you can't see ~ David Williams


yoga + aromatherapy

Breath is life...life is beautiful...breathe it in...




- taught with love

All my classes are practiced with Ahimsa, the yogic practice of non harm. Respect your body, its limitations and inner wisdom.

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What I offer

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Employees at Servus Credit Union unwind at a lunch hour yoga class

School Wellness Yoga Sessions

Introduce yoga to your students (Grades K-12). Kids will learn to be non-competitive, love and respect their bodies, drive off their fears and stress, know about the origin and history of yoga, learn to respect each other and the surrounding and most of all realize that yoga is a fun-filled activity. All we need is an open space to move freely. Can be held in gyms or large classrooms.

Special Group Yoga Sessions

This is a fun way to learn yoga and spend time with friends in the privacy of your own home or office. Have a yoga party with your friends! Great for stagettes, birthday parties, mommy groups or ladies night out.

Styles of yoga that I teach

Hatha Yoga - Hatha yoga is the classical form of yoga postures and breathing that revitalizes the body physically and mentally. A slower pace class that will allow you to focus on alignment and really "feel" the pose. Increases muscle tone, improve flexibility and concentration, detoxifies the vital organs and allows you to relax deeply. Great for beginners or those that just want to slow down.

Power (Yang) Yoga - energetic, flowing classes synchronizing breath with movement. A faster pace class that builds strength, flexibility, and concentration. Cleanse your body, calm your mind and uplift your spirit.

Yin Yoga - is a gentle, quiet, relaxing but powerful class that targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of yoga practice. Each posture during a Yin yoga class is held for long periods of time to encourage the slow and safe opening of connective tissues. This is a perfect balance to a more yang class. Leave class feeling deeply relaxed and uplifted. Suitable for all students. A must for athletes!

Prenatal Yoga - a class focused around the needs of your changing body, connecting with your body and your baby. Gentle poses that will prepare you for childbirth by strengthening your body, opening your hips and relaxing you. Special attention on breathing and vocal, abdominal and pelvic toning.

Kids Yoga - designed based on the interests, energies and developmental stages of children. Fun classes to keep kids active, support self-esteem, body appreciation and tools for stress management. Ages 3-17.

Partner Yoga (couples, friends, mother/daughter) - work with each other’s bodies to bring each other into deeper stretches, opening and lubricating joints and allowing the energy to flow freely. These classes are filled with fun and laughter, and partners leave feeling a stronger bond with each other in addition to a stronger body.

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My Home Yoga Room

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