Welcome to my website!  My name is Jamie de Koning, I am an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Aromatherapy Practitioner specializing in kids yoga and yin yoga. I offer personal yoga classes for individuals or couples in my home or travel to homes, offices, schools, dayhomes/daycares or facilities for group classes in Red Deer, AB. and close by communities.



Organizations already benefiting from workplace wellness yoga classes

- Servus Credit Union

- École Camille J. Lerouge


Schools already benefiting from kids yoga classes

- Oriole Park

- West Park

- Chinook's Edge School Division #73, Early Learning Program




I blend my own essential oil blends, bath products, skin care and more! Why are my blends different from mass produced retail products? From the knowledge that I have gained from my training, I hand blend each and every one of my products therefore putting a lot of energy into these blends. I believe that by hand blending and putting my own energy into the products makes a special synergy. All my oils are purchased by a reputable Aromatherapist in Calgary who provides only the purest essential oils from all over the world.

I can make custom blends to help relieve symptoms of specific ailments and for around the home or office.


I teach all my classes and make my blends from my heart and my passion.

Nourish your body, calm your mind and uplift your spirit with yoga and aromatherapy

Breath is life...life is beautiful...breathe it in...

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